Expert Advice for Novice Players of Blackjack

Novice blackjack players often make the usual mistakes when one starts learning blackjack. To help us novices move forward, we'll get some expert advice. We'll discuss some pieces of expert advice that novices can work on and get their game right.

Since the advice we are getting is generally for novices, it's best that we start with the basics. Novice players should start working on blackjack's basic strategy. There's no other way to start learning the game other than that. And novice players can't hope to get anywhere without having a good foundation of knowledge about basic strategy.

When we say basic strategy we mean the best strategy we can use with each hand that has been dealt to a player. One advice that novice players can hang on to is the fact that there are a limited number of possible hands that can be dealt to a player. That is if you compare this with all the potential number of dealer upcards. The fact remains; novice players can memorize basic strategy for starters.

Basic strategies that novice players ought to get a handle on are hard hands strategies, strategies for soft hands, and strategies for splitting pairs. Each set of strategies will have to take some time for a novice player to deal with and actually memorize.

The next expert advice we have for novice players is to scout the tables and the players. It is recommended for novice players to start to learn how to check out blackjack tables and players. This would be the first thing a novice player should do before actually sitting at a blackjack table.

It is highly congenial for a novice player to sit next to a pro and learn a few tricks while at it. A novice player can never really learn that much from a fellow novice. Other than that, playing with someone who doesn't really know what they're doing is going to cost a novice player some money if not a lot.

Almost always, novice players take insurance whenever it is offered to them. An expert advice for novices to follow is to pass on the insurance. Unless of course a player already knows how to do card counting this is all right.

The next expert advice we'll deal with next is that novice players to manage their own money wisely. The recommendation goes that a player should never sit down at a table that has a minimum bet of 5% or even more. Novice players should learn how to manage their bankroll.

These are expert advice for novice players. They would cover most of the common mistakes novice blackjack players commit during a game.