The Blackjack Dictionary of Terms

The following are terminologies used in Blackjack:

Ace Neutral Count - Where Ace has no value assigned from the counting system.

Blackjack - If your first two cards have a card with the value of 10 and an Ace this is called a Blackjack.

Back Counting - This means that you are applying card counting even if you are not one of the players of blackjack.

Burn Card - A card taken from the top of the deck that was shuffled and it has to be placed facing downward in the tray, this is also called as the discard tray.

Bust - If you have cards worth over 21, this is a losing hand.

Cage - This is how gamblers call the cashier.

Card Counter - This is how they call a player who counts cards.

Cold Streak - This is how they call a losing player.

Comps or Complimentary - If players accumulate many points from playing they can acquire complimentary gift from the casino, like free meal, free room, free fare etc.

Cut Card - This is a colored plastic that is used for cutting the decks after the cards were shuffled.

Discards - This is how they call cards that are already been used in the game since it was last shuffled.

Double Down - Player can double down his or her bet if the first two cards he or she received have a total of 10 or 11. Also the player can ask for an additional card.

Double Exposure - This is how they call the dealer's card if all were dealt facing upward.

Early Surrender - This is an option given to players if he or she wants to surrender his cards, he or she will get back half of his original bet.

Flat Betting - This means that the player is betting the same amount of money for all his blackjack game.

Hit - This means that the player ask for an additional card.

High Roller - This is how the casino calls their valued customer, this player wagers a very huge amount in the casino.

Hole Card - This is how a player calls his or her very high value card, he or she is likely to win a hand.

House Edge - This is means the percentage that the casino has against players.

Hot Streak - This is how they call a winning player.

Insurance - This is a kind of side bet, an option can players can use especially when the dealer's cards are facing upward.

Late Surrender - This is an option given to players, this means that players can surrender their hands before the dealer checks for blackjack. However, unlike the early surrender, players will lose his bets.